The Skill accelerator methodology is based on Ecological Dynamics Theory.

In sports, the skill is used to solve problems or achieve goals.

We need action capacity to use the skill but if we just train the action capacity, such as punching or memorizing a defense, we’ll be slow in getting it to be skill. Something that we can use intuitively according to our perception (visual, body balance etc.).

Once we start using the skill accelerator learning method, picking up skills becomes a lot faster!

OUTLINE THE (WHOLE) PROBLEM – So not just ”attacker will punch a cross”.. But what the attacker will do also after that ”Cross”, who he/she will move and what happens after that. 

PRACTICE THE ATTACK – Be a good training partner and describe the problem all in all!

DETERMINE THE STARTING POINT – Ready? Not ready? Total surprise or somewhat a surprise?

GAME ON!– Use a small game to show how things are going to evolve. Attacker starts the movement, defender responses and the game is on. Now! It is important to control the speed.

SIMPLIFICATION Instead of breaking movement to smaller parts. Now this is the game-changer and the biggest differences in learning are made here. Sometimes starting from the end is the best way to learn. Sometimes visual perception needs to be trained first so that the wanted first reaction will come out naturally. BUT THE WHOLE MOVEMENT NEEDS TO BE THERE! Breaking the movement to separate parts makes us forget and use our body in a non-sufficient way. Try to jump hurdles that way!!! Won’t happen. We’ll just have to go over them and then hone the technique, timing etc. while doing it!

ACTIVE ATTACKER & +1 MOTION. From the beginning (outlining the problem) we’ll emphasize the opponent to play an active role, not just being the punching bag. At the same time we’re constantly focusing on having the next movement ”loaded” to keep ourselves moving all the time. The situation isn’t over until we’re clear. 

SCENARIO PLAYS is another form of games, just like any other resistance training or sparring. The more information we need to gather, the harder the game. Perception-action coupling is important but this is the phase where we implement the tactical decision -making to the play as well.

SLOW MOTION RECAPS is something that we do after the training. This is visualizing the attackers’ behavior and our response to that. Playing out the whole scenario in our head. Using technology as feedback method is highly recommended. We use MovAI machine -view algorithm in platform to enhance our action capacity and skill.